WOTFA Dist. 4 February 2024

  • Feb 1st S/W Sr. Ctr. 11:30 -12:30 AM 715 Pacific St, Sedro Woolley
  • Feb 2nd Life Care, M/V play 2:30 2120 E. Division
  • Feb 8th Life Care, M/V play 2:30 2120 E. Division
  • Feb 9th Mt. Vernon Sr. Ctr. 6:30 -9P.M. Meeting /Jam 1401 Cleveland st.
  • Feb 10 th Bluegrass Jam @ Rhodes River Ranch Restaurant in Oso , 22016 Entsminger Rd,Arlington, 2 -5 pm
  • Feb 15th S/W Sr. Ctr. 11:30 -12:30 AM 715 Pacific St,Sedro Woolley Sr. Ctr.
  • Feb 16th La Conner Retd. Inn, Play 3 P. M. 204 N 1st St, La Conner
  • Feb 23rd Mt. Vernon Sr. Ctr. 6:30 -9P.M. Jam 1401 Cleveland st.
  • Feb 26th Creekside Retd. Play 3:00 PM 400 Gilkey Rd. Burlington.
  • Feb 27th Village Concepts – Country Meadow Village, 2:00 play 1501 Collins Rd, Sedro-Woolley,
  • Feb 29th Mtn. Glen, MV PLAY 3:00 P.M. 1810 E Division, MV Allow time to Park

December / January Highlights:

  • Thank you Dear Fiddlers for your good spirits and music sharing; all went well at our Dec/Jan. Play-outs and Jams; our music was well-received, and so very much
    appreciated; and especially grateful for good musician participation!
  • Our Christmas Potluck and music went well; 20 musicians, 20 in the Audience; a very good evening.
  • We have about 8 play-outs, and 2 jams it seems a month; all pretty well attended.
  • Good Yule Fiddlers!

My arrival at the S/W Sr. Ctr. last Thursday was precluded by early birds Jack, Judy, and Dwight; all eager to help set up; I thank you!  David, our sound person / singer joined in about the same time to hook up and set the sounds; as well was on his knees much of the time adjusting the sound to help make Diana, Denise, Debbie, Joyce, Sarah, Peggy, Forrest, Jack, Dwight, Steve, Duane, Danny, Gary, Rich, and Greg; 17 of us sound good!  We did have a full house of audience. Our music was well received, and we enjoyed a Salisbury steak and mashed potato, salad, and fruit lunch;  followed up with good conversation and a time at the piano singing songs with Debbie. Thank
you all!   Plato: “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything.”

Twas the 17th eve before Christmas as Fiddler Scout Dwight texted me that at the MV Sr. Ctr. the coast was clear about 2 pm; my immediate arrival found Scout playing his Dulcimer quietly as to not disturb the card players in the adjacent room; we proceeded to get the equipment in the room closer to it's destination as we awaited the upcoming room to be vacated about  4 pm. Time enough to pour the coffee water. Seeing no more card players we sprang into action; chairs up, equipment setting; in walks Danny and Lorene; and they stayed till 9 pm; Carol Oglesebe made a cameo appearance; said to wish all a Merry Christmas! More continued in the with arms of instruments and food; when Sarah arrived with the Ham; many helped to bring us to the table with our hats in hand with Rich offering up a prayer of Thanksgiving for the abundant food and fellowship and provision of God. We had plenty of good food and deserts; thank you everyone for coming and contributing food and your talents for most enjoyable evening!  With an audience of 20, listening to sounds of music from Denise ,Hilary, Greg, Barry, Diana, Gary, Rich, Rohxanne, Dwight,Sarah, Crystal, Dennis,Danny, Walt, Sirkku, Steve, Forrest, and Peggy; 20  of us!  Special thanks for guest Jana with friend Mark.  Jana’s first time was brave enough to sing two songs; well done Jana! And thank you Rich for providing transportation from and back to Creekside Retirement for Lynn, and Pauline in our audience! Thank you all helpers!  See you all soon!


Wishing a Beautiful Musical 2024 to everyone!

Interim Chair.. Fred Robbins # 206-786-3369 email: fred@robbinsmetal.com
Treasurer – Sarah Buntin, # 360-679-6595 email: itsrustyoldhalo@frontier.co
Event scheduling Sarah, # 360-679-6595
Calendar Fred Robbins # 206-786-3369 email: fred@robbinsmetal.com
Monthly Jam 2nd and 4th Fridays 6:30 -9 pm, All are welcome! @ M/V Sr.
Ctr. 1401 Cleveland Ave, Mount Vernon.

Music is life! Take a moment to visit the W.O.T.F.A. Home Website https://wotfa.org / See The Tune of the Month! AND lots of other information!!!

Respectfully submitted,
On behalf of the Fiddlers,
Fred Robbins