September Calendar: Schedule Dist.4, Please see attached Calendar. Note:…. ALL 4 Fridays IN September are Music Fridays! : )

CANCELED and moved to October 6th: Friday September 1st. -.La Conner Retd. Inn play 3- 4:00 P.M. 204 N 1st St, La Conner
Thursday Sept. 7th.- S/W Sr. Ctr. Play @11:30 -12:30 A.M. 715 Pacific St, Sedro – Woolley
Friday Sept. 8th Mt. Vernon Sr. Ctr. 6:30 – 9 P.M. Meeting/ Jam 1401 Cleveland.
Friday Sept. 15th Lynden Com. Ctr. Eat at 12 noon Play at 12:45 p. m. 401 Grover St. Lynden.
Friday Sept. 22nd Mt. Vernon Sr. Ctr. 6:30 – 9 P.M. Jam 1401 Cleveland.
Tuesday Sept. 26th. Country Meadow Village, Play @ 2 pm 1501 Collins Rd. Sedro Wooley
Friday Sept. 29th. Creekside Retd. Play 3:00 PM 400 Gilkey Rd. Burlington.
Friday October 6th. -.La Conner Retd. Inn play 3- 4:00 P.M. 204 N 1st St, La Conner

Dear Fiddlers,

A double header Friday music day! 7 of us ready, willing, and able converged on 8/25 at Alpine Ridge Retd. Home, MV to give them a taste of the O.T. Fiddlers music before their tasty barbecue. The smoke and a bit of rain changed the out door playing plan into the indoors.  Following Activity instructions we stopped 15 min. early and exited quickly to yield to the Food servers.  Thank you Peggy, Forest (so appreciated Forest helping us out today), Sarah, Marvin, Dennis, and Gary.  We retreated and agreed to reassemble at MV Sr. Ctr.

With the wind at our backs smiles on our face we set up in fine style at MV.  One by one the musicians gathered to Fred’s delight.  Tunes abounded till the clock struck 7:55 pm, pausing before goodies to announce the need for someone to help with coffee and goodies after Sept. 8th. Sarah has the need to have a pace maker; so she will be out for about 4- 6 weeks.  She instructed me tonight in Coffee procedure and will again Sept. 8Th. Thank you Sarah for ALL your good work for us! We would like someone to step up to help out too with coffee and goodies.

Dwight will have back surgery coming up, and he will be out for a while.

The WOTFA Flyers I have handed out are producing.  The MV Library would like us to come and share with the community on a future Sat. 2 -3 pm or so.  We had a show of hands and all were in favor of that good exposure to help build up our Dist 4 musical efforts.  We may play in Oct. or Nov. and then in the new Library Facility in MV next year. More news soon!

Thank you musicians, Carol, Dwight, Forest, Gary, Rich, Sarah, Peggy, Denise, Hilary, Barry, Marvin, and Steve and our ever faithful: Judy, Forest Sister, Jan Marvin’s wife, and our good faithful audience; you all are precious to us; and we appreciate everyone of you.. Rest well! Missed you Jack and Judy, Peggy gave us a report!

“Always have an attitude of gratitude.” – Sterling K. Brown
“Then she took up the bow and began to play. The tone was warm and deep, storied with layers of age.” Fiddler’s Green — A.S. Peterson
“And then she caught the song. She fell upon it and music poured from the fiddle’s hollow, bright and liquid like fire out of the heart of the earth.” Fiddler’s Green — A.S. Peterson

Oct. is Membership renewal month, and Election month.  Would you like to serve? Please give some thought to serving our Dist. 4 OTF family with your talents and gifts. Thank you! : )

Meeting Minute Taker – and Chair Needed….
Treasurer – Sarah Buntin, # 360-679-6595 email:
Event scheduling Sarah, # 360-679-6595
Calendar Fred Robbins # 206-786-3369 email:

Respectfully submitted, On behalf of the Fiddlers,…Fred Robbins :

Reminder! You can always check our Calendar at the website, along with other news of the other districts! : 0 )

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