We are recovering from a very busy summer, what with two fiddle contests, the Medical Lake Bluegrass Festival, and of course, the Moses Lake Fiddle Camp. Such are the doldrums of fall in the Inland Empire. But we had a great summer, and now it is time to concentrate on learning those tunes that zipped past us during Fiddle Camp, pick up where we left off with our music instructor, and finish with the harvest of whatever garden we had planted. Around the Spokane area, I believe the Piney Ridge Pickers are still active, the group allied with JayDean Ludiker is definitely active, and we just completed our fifth performance at the Spokane Veterans’ Home on the last Thursday of August. I hope we will find the energy to initiate at least one more monthly public concert in the area over the course of this winter. Contact your Chairperson, Kyle Peterson, if you have ideas, aspirations, or exultations to express before next month’s chapter elections.