Happy April, everyone.  It’s finally spring and we’ve even had a few sunny days.  People are getting outdoors to enjoy the flowers and the warmer temperatures.

District 6 had an enjoyable meeting/ jam on March 2nd.  After having to cancel the last jam in Feb., we were all glad to get back together.  It took Tyler 3 hours to get to the jam because he was stuck in traffic on the highway.  So glad he finally made it!  Bernie held the meeting  without Tyler, so it worked out fine.  A good time was had by all.  Lots of food, good songs and fun people.  Pictures below: #1.  Christy, Shawna, Lia, her friend Maria, and Bella (all one family).  #2.  During the meeting with Bernie, Ena, and Earl.  #3.  Earl on guitar and Kathy playing bass.

Our jam on the 23rd was real fun as well.  We had a small, but enthusiastic group. Pictures below:  #1. Cici is working real hard to play songs on her fiddle and doing a great job with sister, Emma and mom, Shawna looking on.  #2.  Kathy on fiddle, Earl on guitar, Roy on fiddle and Jack enjoying the song.  #3.  Our new friend Chuck, who we enjoy, plays the guitar.

Recently, Bernie caught up with a member who we haven’t seen for a while.  Her name is Pat Malone.  She now lives in an assisted living place in Federal Way.  When she was an active member, she used to play at quite a few of our Federal Way play dates.  I understand that she sang and accompanied herself on the ukulele and also played some on the fiddle.  She wrote to Bernie and told him that she misses the fiddlers and says to tell everyone “hi”.  It’s always nice to hear from people who helped make the fiddlers what it is today.

Our play dates are going well these days and we’re picking up a few more as we go along.  We enjoy playing music for an audience and they are appreciative as well.  Thanks to all who play each month.  It helps us pay our rent bill and be able to donate to the state to keep the Washington Old Time Fiddlers a going concern.

I was just notified by Ena Birkland that she will be celebrating her 90th birthday with a party.  You are all invited to the Renton VFW hall on May 11 from 1 pm to 4 pm.  They will be serving cake and she wants everyone to bring their instruments so that we can enjoy playing music together.  Please come and enjoy the festivities.  Renton VFW is located at 416 Burnett Ave S. Renton, WA.

April Calendar:

Sat. April 6, 2024:  Meeting/Jam from 11 am – 4 pm.  Remember this is the last meeting or jam at the Mason’s until September!  All information can be found on the WOTFA.org website under the calendar button.

Remember to take a look at all the events on the website.  Other events for King County and all across the state are listed that you might be interested in.  There is also the WOTFA workshop in Cashmere, WA from July 29th – Aug 2.  That workshop has some great classes and it’s nice to meet other members from all over the state.

Have an enjoyable spring and keep playing music!

Questions or comments email me at timbuktoe@yahoo.com

Jenny Swanson