Once again we are sponsoring an outstanding collection of young musicians to Moses Lake Fiddle Camp: Allegra, Jancy, Karis, Charity, and Daniel Adams; Clark, Jayne, Helen and Leah Huguenin; Will, Robby and Caleb Mansfield; Tyler Goodwin and Olivia Elmore. If it seems like several of the attendees have the same last name, it’s just a coincidence. The Adams, Huguenins, Mansfields and Goodwin are now tasked to seek out Olivia Elmore, invite her to play and make sure that she has a good time.

We are anticipating the Northwest Regional Fiddle Contest, starting April 28 through the weekend. Then Fiddlers On The Peak will be rocking the house on May 13. It is a very exciting time, with familiar faces and new musicians coming out to try out their proficiency. It is so great to be able to listen to so many talented musicians who have been working a long time to develop their distinct style. I think everyone always has a lot of fun, despite a few moments of nervous anticipation and general queasiness. Oh, to aspire to a stage presence greater than a puddle of sweat!

After a couple of delays due to the reappearance of COVID at the local Veterans’ Home, we are hoping to reinstitute monthly performances towards the end of May. If you are interested in playing for the Spokane vets, contact Kyle Peterson at wotfa.kyle@gmail.com.

Got to go practice!