We are now headed into District Two’s political season, with charges and counter-charges dominating the media as backroom deals are negotiated and multiple candidates jockey for position. Okay, not really. All indications are that the same slate of candidates will go around the revolving door once again. Perhaps everyone in District 2 likes the stability, the Kennedy-like charm or whatever you would call my Administration: benign, laisse-faire, tolerable. In any case, we will be back next month with results – if you can get odds in Vegas, bet on a continuation of the same regime.

Was at the banjo-workshop at the Bluewaters Bluegrass Festival in early August and saw a sticker on one of the banjo cases that said, “It takes a village to tune a banjo.” I thought that was pretty funny, besides having a certain truth. Whether or not anyone subscribes to that theory, it soon will be time to check the tuning, hibernate and snuggle in with visions of standing on stage while the awed audience propels you into the championship of your next fiddle contest.