January was a difficult month in District 11.  The covid and flu hit our area pretty hard, and several playouts had to be cancelled.  Several members of our group have been down sick this month so some of the playouts we did have were with a smaller than normal group of musicians. Our monthly jam and meeting were held on January 21st. It was a scaled down jam with less than half of our musicians.  Because of the bad weather that day, our audience was also very small. Though it was small it was enjoyed by those who were there.  The weather has improved, and most of us have recovered, so we are looking forward to a better month in February.
We are having an additional playout in February.  We will be playing at the Monroe House in Moses Lake on February 12th at 1:45. We were going to play there last month, but with so many of our members sick we had to cancel. Though it is not on our regular monthly schedule, we have been well received there, so we will probably be playing there some more in the future.
On a sad note, two of the members of our District lost a spouse in the last month.  John Wehling, the husband of our secretary Genie Wehling passed away on January 20th.  John was part of the audience at our jams for a number of years until his health no longer allowed it.  Skip Boyd who has been involved with our group for several years, lost his wife June on December 30th.  Skip and June had a jam at their home for several years, which a number of the district members attended.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Genie and Skip during this time of loss.
Monthly meeting: 3rd Sunday at 1:30 PM – Jam 2:00-4:00.  Moses Lake Senior Center, 608 E. 3rd Ave. Moses Lake
2nd  Tues.      1:00 PM     Othello Care 495 N 13th Ave, Othello
2nd Tues.     2:30 PM    Coventry House Assisted Living, 430 N. 2nd Ave. Othello
2nd Wed.   10:00 AM    Pioneer Village, 816 Sharon Ave. Moses Lake
2nd Wed.    1:30 PM     Avamere, 8425 Aspi Blvd. NE, Moses Lake
3rd Tues.    10:00 AM    McKay Healthcare & Rehab Center, Soap Lake
3rd Thurs.  10:00 AM    Brookdale Hearthstone, 905 S. Pioneer Way, Moses Lake
4th Tues      10:30 AM     The Cambridge 301 H Street SW, Quincy
4th Thurs.  10:00 AM     Summer Wood, 830 NW Sunburst Ct., Moses Lake