From the Membership Chair
Membership renewal starts this month (October) for the 2024 year.
It still costs only $25.00 for the first household member plus $5.00 for each additional household member.
THE BIG CHANGE is that starting in 2024, the Evergreen Fiddler as we know it will not be published.
Instead, the Evergreen Fiddler will be strictly on line.
For those who do not have access to the internet, or who have other problems accessing it, an abbreviated version of the Evergreen Fiddler will be printed and mailed out for an additional $10.00 per year.
The new application forms both printed and on line reflect this choice.
(For example, for a household head and two folks who live under that same roof, the yearly dues are $35.00 if they read the Evergreen Fiddler online and $45.00 if they wish a paper copy of the abbreviated version.)
To renew online, click the “Login” link in the navigation menu if you aren’t already logged in, then go to the Membership menu and click on “Pay My Dues“.
If you would prefer to Renew via mail, you can click here:, to print a Membership Form
If you have any questions, please let me know at either 360-691-5907 or

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