Missing Fiddle Camp 2020 Logo

Here are the meanings that went into the original design:

  1. The two musicians are wearing masks to keep each other safe
  2. They are socially distanced by 6 measures (6 feet apart)
  3. Although they’re separated, they’re still connected by music
  4. The tune they are sharing is called “The Reunion” – since everyone is longing to get back together
  5. “The Reunion” was written by Vivian Williams, Washington’s fiddling legend and our own renowned Fiddle Camp instructor.

Additional meanings others have derived and worth mentioning:

  1. The tune is twisted and backwards in the middle – just like our online attempts at jam sessions and music lessons get twisted by internet connections that aren’t meant to handle streaming musicians
  2. The tune is in a major key – because even in these times, we remain hopeful
  3. The tune does not resolve to the tonic, “so this darn thing is not over. Yet.”
  4. A shout out to lefties, the guitarist is left handed
  5. “Missing” fiddle camp has a dual meaning – and can either mean we’re all sad and nostalgic toward fiddle camp but also 2020 is the year of the “missing” fiddle camp in WOTFA records.

If you want to get a shirt, mug, or totebag, you still can!

Just visit https://www.bonfire.com/fiddlecamp2020/ All purchases will be mailed directly to you, and all proceeds will contribute to Fiddle Camp 2021!