The 2018 WOTFA Fiddle Camp was a major success thanks to the hard work and dedication of Corrine Judd and Tyler Hagood.  A special thank you goes out to all the hardworking volunteers that really made this years Fiddle Camp and workshop one for the record books.
This year’s workshop was in the black for the first time in several years.  Through the generous donations of the WOTFA Districts, and others that donated directly to the workshop, we netted  over $5000.00,  this is a $21,000 turn around from last year.
Congratulations Corrine and Tyler.  Your dedication and hard work really paid off this year.
This years activities included dancing, band competitions, band scrambles, and the teacher’ show case ( a great show of talent by our wonderful teachers).
Thanks to the input from Jon Heinrich, we brought back Pie and Ice Cream.  One of the things that Jon said was missing was the pie and ice cream after the dance.  So, a quick run to Walmart and 40 pies and 400 servings of ice cream later, it was a huge success.  Bringing in over $500 in donations, we more than covered the cost of the pies and ice cream.  The balance from the donations was given to the workshop.  Next year we hope to make this a regular offering following the evening events.  I had a quick discussion with the manager at Walmart in Moses Lake.  He indicated that if we give them a couple of weeks notice they would even consider donating the pies and ice cream for our event.
Keeping cool in the hot Moses Lake weather is a challenge for many at the workshop.  If you don’t have transportation to go to the lake after classes you are sort of stuck in the heat.  For those of us that have children at the workshop this provides an additional challenge.  Well Nicole Heinrich found a solution for many of the kids.  Creating water based games and activities out on the play ground gave many of the kids the chance to cool down and have a lots of fun doing it.  Thanks Nicole for you dedication to the kids of WOTFA.   This prompted the idea of forming a committee to oversee after class events for our youth.  Pending approval of the Board of Directors, next year a committee will assist Nicole in planning and preparing events for the kids as a part of the Convention.
Below is a gallery of images taken during the workshop.  If you took pictures during the week, please send them to and I will add them to the photo album.
If you would like more information about our Fiddle Camp please visit
I hope to see all of  you next year.
Bill Crabtree, President WOTFA