Our long-serving Treasurer John Sours, who has been a fixture in WOTFA for many years, has tendered his resignation as Treasurer of Chapter 2. John said that it is not a demanding position, but of course, we have to have someone to deposit the checks and maintain a ledger of income and expenses. If anyone has a passing interest in being the Hero Behind The Scenes for Chapter 2, please contact Kyle Peterson.

I greatly enjoyed my visit to the weekly fiddle lesson with Sheila Wright and Carolyn Huguenin at Holy Trinity Luthern Church on Pines Road last Thursday. As I walked in, the class was practicing the theme song from the TV Show “The Adams Family,” which I thought was pretty funny. This class is open to anyone 18 and younger who has an interest in playing acoustic music, several of the song choices are chosen by popular vote, and it looks like a lot of fun. I might shave the mustache and get out the shorts and beanie cap for this one. If you have a child that would enjoy playing a stringed instrument in a fun environment, contact Carolyn or Sheila!