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District 15, Washington Old Time Fiddlers of Clallam and Jefferson Counties, is a part of the Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and perpetuating the art of traditional old time fiddling and associated arts and skills. WOTFA has about 1,100 members statewide. Members belong to geographic districts. It is not necessary to play an instrument to be a member.
The state WOTFA organization produces a monthly newsletter with information about the various districts’ activities, statewide issues and a “tune of the month” with sheet music and historical information about the tune. The newsletter is mailed to all members.
A weeklong workshop, with classes, jamming, performances and dances, is held for members each summer and the annual members’ convention takes place that same week Information about the workshop is included in the newsletter.
WOTFA promotes and conducts research on old time and traditional fiddling and maintains archives and collections.

About District 15

Our district includes all of Clallam and Jefferson counties. We meet twice a month, on the second Saturday at the Sequim Prairie Grange, 290 Macleay Road, Sequim, and on the fourth Saturday at the Tri-Area Center in Chimacum.
In Sequim we have a business meeting at 10 a.m., with jamming, lessons, practices and performances before and after the meeting. The Chimacum meetings are mostly jamming and lessons.
Members play at senior centers, nursing and retirement homes, for clubs, civic functions, dances, county fairs and other events and functions. Donations from these “playdates” help cover our operating expenses and youth scholarships. More information is on the Performances page.
Many of our members attend the state workshop and we provide scholarships for youth members to attend.
We provide partial scholarships for lessons for youths who are learning to play the fiddle.  More information is on the Scholarships page
We have small “home groups” that meet weekly to learn and practice tunes, to get used to playing in a group and to focus on specific music styles. For more information, contact the education coordinator.
We have a weekend campout each summer.

District 15 Events


Has it been too long since you played your violin?  Never jammed before?  Not sure if you’re ready?  Need a coach, some lessons?  Come and play with us in a “slower jam” tailored to help you rekindle your skills in a fun way.  Still not sure? 
Contact: Rita 360-301-1104

For Beginner Musicians
We’ve started a beginner’s jam. . . .
2nd Saturday at the Shipley Center beginning at 12:30 pm.
Contact Val 360-683-6527


Scott Holmen, Chairman –
Steve Nordine, Vice Chairman –
Mark Bauserman, Treasurer –
Don Betts, Secretary –
Rita Hubbard, Past Chair –

Playdate Coordinator – Don Betts –

Special Playdate Coordinator, Pete Crose –



Basically, this is North American folk music (excluding Native American) dating from the colonial period through the 1800s and even to the early 1900s, prior to the wide spread availability of radio music.  In most communities, folks played their own music with input from their British, Scottish, Irish, European, African heritage.  Music was played on acoustic stringed instruments (mostly fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, bass) for dances, clogging, singing, and evening get-togethers after a hard day’s work.  Various styles are now associated with rural areas such as Appalachia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, Texas, and Tennessee to name just a few, and “old timey” music may often be referred to as “mountain music.” Pioneers brought this music to the northwest as they migrated via the Oregon Trail.  Our musicians do play other genres of music too.  If it’s fun, we’ll play it!

District 15 Scholarship Program



Revised 3/5/2012

PURPOSE: Perpetuate the organization known as Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association and old time fiddle music.

The biggest expense of the Scholarship Program will be directed at young people who will need assistance in funding for fiddle lessons. The Youth Scholarship Program will be defined below to serve this purpose. It is put in place to provide funding to support fiddle lessons for students under the age of 21.

Special arrangements for adult level fiddle classes may be awarded from time to time and will be treated as an addendum to the this document.



Selection of a recipient shall be determined by the scholarship committee based on criteria such as:

Currently play an instrument at least at the beginning level or have a strong desire and commitment to play the fiddle.

Willingness to participate in WOTFA workshops and jam sessions.

Parent and student commitment to lessons and practice.

The Committee, with consultation with the instructors, will determine what instruction materials will be used for instruction. Mel Bay’s “Teach Yourself Fiddling” will be used for most beginning students as the primary source for song selections. Materials will be purchased by the student.

Scholarship funds shall be used for teaching fiddling technique and learning old time fiddle music.

The Committee Chairman will keep all records and forms for each scholarship recipient and will provide paperwork to the Treasurer for payment of instruction. Instructors will provide an invoice to the Committee Chairman for lessons given to students in the Scholarship Program.

The Treasurer will make payments to instructors for lessons given to students. The Treasurer will record amounts paid to each instructor and the associated students name and lesson dates.

Scholarships will be given over 6 month periods starting in January and again in July of each year. Scholarships can be cancelled at any time during the scholarship period if funds become unavailable to the district. Advance notice will be given as soon as possible to students and instructors if this should occur.

District 15 of WOTFA will award a maximum of $10.00 per lesson, per week toward fiddle instruction of scholarship students. A scholarship amount is not to exceed $260.00 in any 6 month period. No payment will be made for any lessons not attended by the student. Any instruction costs above the $10.00 per lesson limit will be the responsibility of the student’s parents and must be coordinated between the parents and instructors.

The Scholarship Committee will determine how the program will be continued for each new 6 month period. If changes are required, this document will be updated accordingly. Selection of recipients may be limited based on funds available and the Committee will make the determination of what students will participate in any given 6 month period.



Instructors are encouraged to join the WOTFA, District 15.

Instructors will provide lessons for teaching fiddling technique and learning old time fiddle music. Instructors must aid in the teaching of old time fiddle music as the primary source of tune selection. Mel Bay’s “You Can Teach Yourself Fiddling” will be used for beginning and lower intermediate students. Material for more advanced students should be consistent with the WOTFA music goals and be approved by the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship recipients must show improvement and a progress sheet should be submitted by the instructor on a quarterly basis to the Committee Chairman.

Instructors will prepare a monthly invoice giving the name, date and dollar amount for each student lesson which will be submitted to the Committee Chairman.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to coordinate lesson schedules and insure that students are made aware of any changes or cancellations that may occur. District 15 will not make payments for lessons that have not been attended by the student. Any charges for lessons not attended will be the responsibility of the parents of the student and must be coordinated between the instructor and parent.


Recipients must be under the age of 21 to be enrolled in the Youth Scholarship Program.

Students must maintain an active membership in the WOTFA, District 15 to be eligible for enrolment in this program.

Students should attend and participate in at least one of the two monthly jams or one of the monthly scheduled play dates. Participation in jams includes sitting in the jam circle and leading at least one tune for students above the beginning level.

Scholarship recipients are expected to show progress in playing ability and should learn new old time fiddle tunes each month. Students above the very beginning level are expected to learn at least one new tune each month to be able to play in a group. More advanced players should show ability for playing more songs and take a more active part in the jam and performance sessions.

Scholarship recipients are expected to make a commitment to attend classes and practice regularly.

Parents must be willing to participate in the learning process and support the student’s commitment to lessons, practice and participation in WOTFA activities.

It is the responsibility of the parent and student to notify the instructor if any scheduled class will not be attended. Any charges assessed for classes not attended will be the responsibility of the student’s parents and will not be paid for by District 15 of WOTFA.


 A Scholarship Chairman will be appointed for the Scholarship Committee whose duties are defined below.

The Scholarship Chairman will schedule Committee meetings as required to attend to the business of the committee.

The Scholarship Committee will review new applications and determine if new students will be given a scholarship during any 6 month period.

The Committee Chairman, based on invoices received; will authorize the Treasurer to pay the amount submitted.

The Scholarship Chairman will provide the instructors with any necessary paperwork to submit progress reports.

The Scholarship Committee will review progress reports for each scholarship recipient. Renewal of scholarships for each recipient will be based on the student’s progress, playing ability, availability of instructors to further advance the student and the overall needs of the student. Availability of funds may also be a factor.


The Treasurer will maintain records showing Instructor’s name and the name, date, and amount paid for each recipient’s lesson.

Application Form

Below is the Scholarship Application form. You can click here for a printable version.

Contribute to Old Time Fiddling

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