It is hard to believe that it is already July.  The workshop is coming up fast, and soon we will all be gathering in Moses Lake for another week of jamming, learning, and meeting up with old friends.
I am excited about this year’s workshop.  We will once again be holding our workshop at the Moses Lake Christian Academy.  There are some changes from last year and the workshop committee has been working extra hard in the planning stages.  For more information about the workshop and location please visit
The new website is up and running now.  This site will be updated from time to time, and I will make a concerted effort to post new information at least once a week.
Currently, I am working on a new Learning site that will host lessons for all.  This site should be up and running shortly after the workshop this year.  Keep posted and check back here often for new updates and the progress of the new site.
Hope to see you all in Moses Lake