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With the state of Washington moving to Phase 2 of the covid-19 reopening guidelines, it appears that we can resume some semblance of normalcy.  WOTFA districts can begin hosting meetings and jam sessions, albeit in a modified format.

Meetings are allowed by Phase 2 Weddings, Funerals, and
Events COVID-19 Requirements.   Meeting locations, for most of the districts, will have an occupancy rating issued by the fire department or fire marshal.  Check with your building owner or landlord to find out what the maximum occupancy rating is.

25% occupancy guideline, if your meeting location is rated for 100 people, then you will be able to hold your meeting with no more that 25 people in attendance.  Most of our meetings are well below this number and most meeting venues allow for a greater occupancy rating.   You can easily calculate the maximum number of people allowed,  Building Occupancy Rating divided by 4.  (BOR/4).

  • Wear your masks, wash your hands, and practice social distancing, even if you have had the vaccine.  The vaccine does not prevent you from spreading the virus to others.
  • No food should be served or shared with other participants.
  • Jam session chairs should be spaced 6 feet apart.
  • Have fun and lets get WOTFA playing music again!
COVID19 Wedding Funeral and Events Guidance


6 thoughts on “WOTFA Meetings slated to resume

  1. I have added additional information from the Phase 2 documents that specifically addresses events. I have added the pdf file from the governor’s website and the link to the document on that site. Use your own judgement and only attend the meeting/jam if you feel comfortable doing so. Do not attend if you are feeling ill or are having any symptoms.

    1. There’s another word in that: “Social and At-Home Gathering Size”

      Do you really think that outdoor establishments have to limit their guests to groups of 15 from no more than 2 households, and indoor establishments don’t?

      1. And even if the official guidance can be parsed such that outdoor events have to be limited in group size and indoor events don’t, does that make sense, when we know that transmission happens vastly more effectively indoors?

  2. The fact that businesses are allowed to open at 25% capacity doesn’t change the guideline that “[i]ndoor social gatherings with people from outside your household should not include more than 5 people, limit two households.”

    If more than two households are gathering at a business, the participants are violating guideline #1, even if the business is complying with #10. (And I’d argue that if outdoor establishments can only allow groups of fifteen, then the lack of an explicit requirement for even smaller groups at indoor establishments is a flaw in the phrasing of the guidelines, not an allowance for larger groups inside than are allowed outside.)

    It is pretty clear to me that the guidelines are intended to allow indoor businesses to open at 25% capacity so long as customer groups are limited to no larger than 10 from no more than two households. Before you start scheduling meetings and jam sessions, I would encourage you to confirm with the WA Dept. of Health that they intended to allow unlimited indoor meetings as long as it’s under 25% the capacity of the space. I’ve asked them for clarification on Twitter, but who knows if they’ll even see that.

    1. (And by “no larger than 10”, I meant “no larger than 5”; I was misremembering guideline #1 as being “no more than five people from outside your household”, not “no more than five total”.)

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