What to say….what to say….

Well, it is August.  Hot.  Dry.  Many of the seasonal songbirds have flown to wherever they go.

It even sounds like late summer.  Which, to me is the sound of crows.  Dry crows.  (Actually our pond still has water so they can get a drink whenever they want.)

Amidst frequently changing masking recommendations, we continue our 2nd and 4th Friday jams.  Still not serving coffee or snacks, but we have been surviving without and having fun despite.  (The sentence around I have turned.)  Invited, you are.

I, Noel, have been writing this blurb for many years now.  Seventeen years, in fact.  Is there not someone out there who is tired enough of me talking to take over the job?  A fresh approach would be nice.  Just 10 little blurblets a year!  There is nothing to bite or hurt you here!  Enquire within.  Please.

It seems to me that this “time of covid” has been a big time out, with most activities and interests paused, suspended.  Now we are tentatively emerging from this suspension, rekindling connections, finding each other again.  Many of us, it must be said, are quite a bit the worse for wear as well as quite a bit the worse for lack of practice.  That doesn’t matter!  What matters is that we are starting to come together and rebuild those endorphin-forming connections which lead to the joyous, living music we make together.  We are again becoming more together than the sum of our parts.  Plus, it’s the most fun ever!

Mind how you go.