Well, here we are in our second October of Covid-19.

Many of you know that I have been an R.N. for decades.  Washington State’s Covid-19 death rate is at the second-highest place it has been since this epidemic began.  (Idaho is experiencing its highest death rate of the epidemic.)

I for one am So Extremely Tired of this!

Please!  It’s not political!  Please protect yourselves – and everybody else – by following the science and masking, social distancing, disinfecting, vaccinating.  If you don’t know anyone who has died from Covid-19, you are very lucky.  I do.  It’s an ugly way to go.

OK, back to being a WOTFA reporter……

D16 jams continue the second and fourth Fridays of each month.  Masks are required and we do not serve refreshments; you must bring your own.  Our jams are smaller than pre-Covid (lots of turns!) and we rarely get listeners. It is always fun but I really look forward to getting back to normal, i.e. seeing each other’s faces, munching snacks, getting hot coffee.  Distanced and masked, some of us do sing, but it is not a lot of fun to “suck mask” while one is singing!  We had one play date outside and under cover; now the rains have come we have no more in sight.

At next month’s meeting (the fourth Friday of October) we will hold the annual election for District Chair.  If you are interested in running, or in nominating someone (nominees have to agree!) please let us know either beforehand, or just bring it up at that meeting.

Meanwhile.  Be healthy.  Stay healthy. Keep breathing!  Make music!


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