Ramblings from the supine position:

Spring at last!

in the time of pestilence.

after a difficult winter buried within a difficult year.

when the robins’ last evening calls mingle with the night’s burgeoning chorus of spring peepers.

and our actions, including jamming,) are largely governed by the latest predictions of safety.


Meanwhile, Noel has cleverly overused her poor old back and is currently laid flat (literally) with a back sprain.

Dave has, valiantly and kindly, taken over completely the jams for now.  D16 continues with small (9-15) but highly effective and enjoyable jams on the second and fourth Friday evenings of the month.  While we are allowed by law to hold them and within the recommendations imposed, of course.

The April business meeting was omitted due to lack of chairperson representation.  The May meeting is scheduled to happen at the May’s planned fourth Friday jam.

I (Noel) am learning many lessons from living mostly flat on my back, both by experience and by observation.  Among them:

From experience:

It is harder to do one’s nails while lying flat than one would think.

Don’t stare too long at the clouds or you will get snow blindness.

Everything looks different sideways.

And from observation:

A prudent woman keeps her mouth shut when there is a spider on the ceiling above her head.


That’s it for now.  Please take care of yourselves and others.  It will get better.  Just keep breathing.  Please.