Spring is so close, and after this winter, I can’t wait for my daffodils to bloom!  This new year, I’m filled with hope and promise of things to come, just like those little yellow buds.

Districts are meeting and jamming again, and playouts are even starting back up.

Fiddle Camp 2022 plans are in full swing, be sure to read the report for all the details. https://fiddlecamp.wotfa.org/ will be updated soon with classes and instructors.   If you’re interested in preordering shirts, mugs, or totes, check out the Bonfire site: https://www.bonfire.com/store/wotfa/

The Julian Family Fiddle Camp in California is back too (May 4-8) More details available www.familyfiddlecamp.com or call 760.522.8458

Everywhere I look, I see a 2022 filled with new possibilities.  We are working hard on some significant website improvements, to make it easier to maintain your membership information, and hopefully make it easier for you to register for Fiddle Camp if you’re planning to attend.  We’re working on better and easier district information – so you can find jams and play outs when you want to join up and play some tunes.  We plan to start a “resources” page where you can find instructors, luthiers, and other folk-related suppliers.  If you’re interested in helping out with any of our initiatives, please don’t hesitate to let someone know, whether it’s your district chair, or just an email to me Clarinet.KatieG@gmail.com – we can always use your help!