In December several District 8 members participated in an on line lesson with Deb Collins and reported that it went very well.  Deb is very good at this, and so we had fun with it.

On January 16th at 4 pm WOTFA hosted a “Front Porch Jam” on Zoom. Several of our members and around 20-30 others participated.  It was so much fun to see people.  Of course, it’s not nearly as much fun as playing this way, but we did have a great time.  You should try it!

A couple of our member have participated in on line jams using a program called “Jamulus” which allows playing together while apart.  Nothing compares to really playing together, but these are some ways to keep in touch and try some new things.  And some have also been trying collaboration software called “Cyborg Llama”. (It’s similar to Acapella.)  If you listen to the January Tune of the Month, you will see an excellent example of what can happen.

District 8 still has a Zoom meeting on Wednesday nights at 6PM.

It is amazing what is out there for music.