No District elections this year-postponed until October 2021 Hi everyone-for the month of October we are still pretty much in the same place as previous months. All play dates, meetings and jams are on hold while the Coronavirus problem is being managed. None of the nursing homes are open to visitors yet and there is still a prohibition on public entertainment of most any sort. So the only thing we have going is the occasional informal jam and ongoing instrument practice. Hopefully things will begin to change soon and we will be allowed to meet again for a jam at least. In the meantime stay safe and keep up with daily practice, because this too shall pass!

  • Lewis & Thurston Counties
  • CHAIR: Christie Easter (360) 791-5185~ email:
  • VICE CHAIR: Kelvy Brown, 360388-0124
  • REPORTER: same as above

Meeting/Open Jam: Postponed for now

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