Many opportunities to play music with us in Pierce County!
Here are some of our ongoing activities – masks are optional:
Heads UP! Meeting/Jam starting again!
3rd Sunday 2PM District 8 Meeting and Jam. We will meet in September 18 at the Mid County Community Center (MCCC) 10205 44th Ave E, Tacoma, WA 98446. It’s easy to find behind the school on 104th, just off of 512 and Canyon Road. There’s plenty of parking! We’ll have a short meeting followed long jam. Join us! Bring a friend! Meet some nice people!

Add this to your plans . . . . The WA State Fair is Sep 2-25. This impacts our activities at the Puyallup Sr Center below because parking may be impossible? Did you know that it’s one of the 10 largest fairs in the U.S.?
Mondays 1:30PM-3:30PM Circle jam at Puyallup Senior Center – 210 W. Pioneer Ave. Again, easy to find and park. Formerly the “6ft Tree Jam”, it’s now the “Indoor Tree Jam”. We’ll probably play outdoors again when the weather permits.
Wednesdays 5-8PM a slower jam session at the Golden Rose Mobile Park in Puyallup. This will be a good place to start out at an easier pace. BUT please contact me ahead to confirm. Contact: Barbara Peterson
1st Friday 3:30-7:30PM Circle Jam at Wilco Farm Store in Gig Harbor. 3408 Hunt St NW in the back. Contact Matt 202.631.3417
Fridays 1PM-4PM. Jam at Golden Rose Mobile Park Community. (No jam on the 1st Friday, ’cause that’s Gig Harbor jam above.)

3rd Thursdays 11AM. We have also resumed our monthly playouts at the Mid County Comm. Center luncheon. This is where our meetings etc. are held. Please join us! Contact: Barbara.
2nd Thursday 1:30PM. We have resumed our quarterly playouts at Franke Toby Jones Retirement Community Center in September and December. Contact: Ron Duncan 253-549-2553.

We would like to see/hear more musicians at our circle jams and meetings. So why not drop in? Bring a friend and an instrument! If you have questions, give us a call! Barbara (253) 926-8457

District 8 Chair: Barbara Peterson 253-926-8457