Every 3rd Sunday at 2pm was the District 8 meeting and jam.  The MCCC is not going to open until October.  So we will continue to meet via Zoom (see below) until we can meet there.  It would be helpful to know who can attend these Zoom sessions, so I can send you an e-mail invite.  (Please send Barbara an e-mail if you need help). You can find handy e-mail addresses on these newsletters at the bottom.

If we get an “OK” from MCCC we will meet the 3rd Sunday, Oct 17th at 2 pm (and hold elections). The address is 10205 44th Avenue East, Tacoma, WA 98446. I don’t know yet if it’s going to be open for us.

Every Wednesday 1 pm is our “6 foot Tree Jam.”  Very Very nice!  The weather has been beautiful.  Passers-by applaud. Donations are offered.  Cool. This is on 4th Ave SW off of Meridian, in the Puyallup Public Library parking lot.  When the weather changes we will find an alternate site.

Regarding play outs, there have been inquiries, so there maybe something to practice for on the horizon.  Time to practice everyone!

There is a Zoom meeting at 6 pm every Wednesday. Send me an e-mail if you can meet on Zoom.

Wednesday, 5 pm Oct 1st  Golden Rose slow jam.  
Friday, 1 pm Sept 29. Golden Rose jam. These are still posted on our web site, however, . . .  
No good news yet. Keep checking your Evergreen Newsletter, and tune in to our Zoom meetings (above.)  

Everyone stay well.



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