On August 11th some of us attended the Centralia Camp out.  We had 2 canopies and although it was 90 degrees there was a breeze and in the shade it was not that hot.  There were several jams so it was not crowded.  It was fun.  Let’s do it again next year.

District 8 played at the Dupont ice cream social for the Historical Museum on August 14th.  Pretty good turn out and good ice cream.

We had been planning to have our normal 3rd Sunday at 2 pm District 8 meeting and jam in September.  However the MCCC is not going to open until October.  So we will continue to meet via Zoom until then.  We currently Zoom every Wednesday night from 6 to 7 pm.  It would be helpful to know who can attend these Zoom sessions, so Barbara can send you an invitation.  (i.e. send Barbara an email please)

Regarding Golden Rose and Wednesday and Friday night jams, They are changing management, and will not be open for us yet. Tune in later for more information.

We still have the 6 foot tree jam by the Puyallup Library on Wednesdays from1 to 3 pm.  The weather has been beautiful.  When it changes Barbara will find out if we can move into the Puyallup Activity Center near by.

We have had inquiries regarding our playing at some facilities, so there maybe something on the horizon.