Hello, everyone.  By now you all know that the Moses Lake Fiddle Camp was cancelled for 2021.  Last month’s proposal that we have an outdoor picnic was met with the usual overwhelming silence, but I am not willing to let the summer fade away without doing something.  I am kind of curious to see if I would get a better response if we were closer to the date of the event, but we’ll see.  Or not.

So what park?  Well, not right downtown, but not too far away.  Large enough that others can be in the park, with designated parking attached.  Everyone knows where Franklin Park is, right off Division between W. Queen and W. Nebraska.  Minnehaha Park is a couple blocks east of N. Freya, kind of at N. Myrtle and E. Euclid.  Most probably know where Medical Lake is from the NW Bluewaters Festival.  So there are three alternatives; west, central and east locations.  Vote for one or no complaints.  I am aiming for Sunday, July 11th, unless I get requests for a different date.


That’s all for now.  Stand by for next month’s developments.


– Kyle


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