This reporter has waited until the “last minute” to write this because there is nothing really to say.

D16 continues to have jams every 2nd and 4th Friday evenings.  (Y’all come!)  Dave has been kindly doing these jams in my absence.  Reportedly a good time has been had by all.

Also in my absence we have not been holding business meetings, which is ok because nothing has been happening anyway, except the jams.  And I fully intend (barring misfortune or stupidity (mine)) to make it to the jams, starting in June.

It is sad about not having fiddle camp again this year.  A small sadness in a time of many greater sadnesses.  I also personally miss the folks I only see at fiddle camp, but have known for many years.  By fiddle camp 2022, we will be 3 years older than the last time we saw each other!  Whoda thunk!

Our next Evergreen Fiddler issue is in August.  Meantime, please stay well, enjoy our beautiful summer weather, and hopefully we can all safely take advantage of the increasing opportunities to JAM!