Break out your oil cans, tinmen-and-women!  Looks like D16 will recommence twice monthly jams in March!  Second and fourth Fridays, as usual, starting on March 12.  Doors open at 5 PM.

We have plenty of restrictions, though.

And I would prefer that no one noise this about on Facebook, newspapers or any sort of ads, etc , since we do not want to have to turn people away and are not trying to attract new folks at this point.

Our venue is rated 100 occupants, so at this point we can have a maximum of 25 people per jam.  This includes listeners.  Maybe I’m being paranoid here (in case there might be a huge turnout) but since I do not want to have to turn anyone away from the door, while we are at a level II in our covid-19 restrictions, we will be taking reservations for the jams.  The first 23 musicians (Dave and I are givens, since we set up etc. etc.) and their accompanying helpers will be accepted.  I’ll keep a back up list in case of cancellations, and make the calls.  We will not be open to “the public” at this level.

We will start taking reservations on Fri. March 5st.  Then, the day after each jam we will start taking reservations for the next jam.  Until we don’t have to anymore.To get a jam reservation, either call 360-691-5907   OR   text 360-631-6735   I will let you know your signup status.

Here are the rules.  I’ll have to play the heavy if they are not followed (don’t make me come over there………!)

  • Members of the same household may be closer, share food, drink, and stands.
  • Masks are mandatory.
  • Masks must cover mouth and nose.
  • Chairs (and people) 6 feet apart.
  • Singers must wear a 3-layer mask and stay 9 feet away from others while singing.
  • No sharing the mic. Mic must be sanitized between users (we will provide wipes – please do not spray the mic.)
  • No sharing of stands unless you have really good distance vision (i.e. 6 feet)(or for non-household singers, 9 feet.)
  • No sharing of food or drink.
  • No communal coffeepots or utensils.
  • Bring what you want to eat or drink and no sharing please. …sigh.

At this point, I do not believe that we need to check temperatures at the door BUT please do not attend if you feel ill, have a temp or new cough, or know or suspect you have been exposed to a respiratory illness.

I will get in a supply of antiseptic wipes and hand sanitizer and spray. We will squash in a 5 minute District meeting at each 4th Friday jam.  Who knows?  Maybe we will continue this as our levels get better! Stay well, all.  Hope to see some of you fairly soon.  Spring is springing; our snowdrops are up.

And as the song says, “the world is always turning toward the morning.”


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