All through the pandemic, many of us could not wait for the opportunity to play with real people again.  To hear our imperfections and missed notes was what I wanted, as well as reveling in the notes ringing when we nailed it.  In retrospect. I think that I was foolish to take what I was so used to doing for years for granted.  However, a number of us were able to scratch that itch at our first playout since early March 2020.  It happened recently at Adult Day Services, where 7 of us put on our typical 1-hr group performance.  Overall, it went very well considering the long hiatus since we last played together.  It was great fun.  We will be there again on July 26, as well as on August 9 and 23 and September 13 and 27.

We will be holding our first business meeting in more than a year and a half on Sunday August  8th at Adult Day Services at 10 North Washington St. Jamming will begin at  2:00 and we are planning a barbecue at 3:00 so please bring side dishes.