Last month, I reported that our District leadership members were collaborating on how to best restart District activities, with great consideration given to member safety with respect to Covid guidelines.  In that regard, the following information has been provided by our District Chair regarding the outcome of discussions and the status of our restart.

After a long hiatus, it is now time for District 12 to get back together and start playing music.  The fact is we miss you and the sharing this special music with friends and family.

First off I believe it is important that the true responsibility of your health starts and ends with you.  We care about you and your health.  But understand that your understanding, thoughts, feelings, personal and spiritual beliefs are uniquely yours.  As district chairs we will work hard to put our members in the safest situations possibly within state guidelines.  We will not “call anybody out” for not wearing masks, ask about vaccinations, or shame anybody for their personal attitudes regarding their health.  We also will not tolerate this from other members.  So with that being said it is on you to do the right thing for you and your family.  If you do not feel safe you are not obligated to attend an event.

I do not want to sound harsh or take a hard tone with anybody during this email but lets let the music flourish and be celebrated. Lets get back together and share ideas, music, love and creativity.  I think our community, our country, and all of us needs this right now

Because WOTFA is a nonprofit organization and gets certification and insurance through various legal agreements we must follow state guidelines.  Therefore, if we hold an event inside we have to follow current COVID protocol.   So moving forward this is the general idea of how District 12 will start opening activities.

Until May and we see what our state is doing with the phase back counties.  I think it is best if we hold private jams or small group jams.  Since they are held inside your own home you can govern the jam how you see fit.  Do what feels comfortable to you.  Get out there and start playing music with others.  Remember music is only enjoyable when shared.

We are going to follow our local bluegrass and Dutch oven groups lead and only hold outside events until the weather starts turning on us.  So with that being said the first event will be the first weekend in May, the weekend of May 1 and 2.  We will meet at Leslie Grove Park, in Richland, for a jam and eating of some sort (we will decide on the details later).  Do what feels comfortable for you.  Wear a mask.    From there we will hold and outside park/public jam at least once a month at a local park, or outside facility.

Hopefully we can ramp up our private Jams and come together for some outside public jams.  Like I said…If Dist. 12 holds and official event inside we will have to follow all COVID requirements.  I know the more we are out in the public and visible I know the public will enjoy hearing live music again.  Who knows we could possibly gain more fans and other musicians.


For the time being the chair and staff will meet occasionally to discuss District business.  If there is anything that needs a vote we will bring it to the membership during our monthly get together.  We will also take notes of the meetings which can be reviewed by the general membership.


As of right now the workshop is open for registration.  The general idea here is to see how many people are interested in the workshop and to see if it is financially feasible to have the workshop this year.  Since we missed out on life last year and possibly not a whole lot of events going on this summer I would get out there and support the workshop.  At this time you do not have to pay for workshop just yet.  So if decide not to attend workshop you are not out any money.  Besides it could be a lot of fun after a long summer of no musical events.   I hope this Newsletter finds all of you all healthy and happy and itching to play some music and interact with people.  We miss our musical family and hope to see you and your family soon.

We are are pleased to report that member Jackie Tolman continues to be on the mend, and we look forward to seeing her again in person as soon as she is up to it.