Welcome to our new online edition of the Newsletter.  I know some of you are still receiving it via US Mail, but most are getting it online.  I hope that you are as pleased as I am with the new online format.  It opens up doors that were closed to us before.  For example, we now have the capability to include photos of District 12 events and members, hyperlinks, as well as audio files of tunes, performances, etc.  Plus, there is now the option for instruction on the the Tune of the Month, if you are so inclined.  

We are sad to report the loss of Carol Hathaway on November 19, 2020.  For those of you who may not fortunate enough to have not met her, Carol was the wife of our District 12 Vice Chair, Chuck Hathaway.  Carol was a sweet soul that touched many lives and she will be deeply missed.

All District 12 events and playouts are cancelled until further notice.

While we have flexibility with the online Newsletter that was not there before, as your Reporter, I am still left to mostly single-handedly come up with monthly Newsletter input for District 12.  As you know, for most of this past year, there has been precious little to write about that we have not already heard on daily news reports  I know we are all looking forward for news on the Covid front to change as we go into 2021.  Going forward, I welcome any news items, member information, (eg., accomplishments), tidbits, photos, or good gossip (just kidding on the gossip) that any of you wish to submit to me for consideration.  Submittals via email works best for me, but will also take phone calls.  Thank you in advance for any submittals.

Here’s wishing us all a happy healthy and fun 2021!  If not yet done, please remember to pay your 2021 membership dues.  Stay tooned!

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