I am writing this on Monday 3/22, the day on which Washington State has been promoted to Level III restrictions for Covid-19.

As of this morning, the Level III General Guidelines had not been published, nor the Guidelines for the Performing Arts (that’s us.)

What we do know is that we may now host jams of up to 50 people!  Since we have not had more than that since we left Fidelity Grange, we no longer have to take reservations for our jams and may hang out our shingle for The Public (may they still be around to join us!)(OK, it’s actually a signboard.)

And get back on Facebook etc (please)


For lack of further guidance, we will adhere to the other precautions, namely:

(Please note that members of the same household may be closer, share food, drink, and stands.)

Masks are mandatory.

Masks must cover mouth and nose.

Chairs (with people) 6 feet apart.

Singers must wear a 3-layer mask and stay 9 feet away from others while singing.

No sharing the mic.

Mic may be sanitized between users (we will provide wipes – please do not spray the mic.)

No sharing of stands unless you have really good distance vision (i.e. 6 feet)(or for non-household singers, 9 feet.)

No sharing of food or drink.

No communal coffeepots or utensils or snacks 🙁

Bring what you want to eat or drink and no sharing please except among households.).

Please do not attend if you feel ill, have a temp or new cough, or know or suspect you have been exposed to a respiratory illness.

Our 3/12 jam was attended but 13 folks and it was such a relief!  Getting back into making our music with our music friends!  And not quite as rusty with the music as some of us had feared, nor with our social skills.

I had not been in a room with twelve other people I knew in a year! – which was both exhilarating and a little daunting.

Here’s hoping that things will get nothing but better.

Our jams will continue to be on the second and 4th Fridays, starting about 5:30 PM.  No separate meeting day; we will hold our brief business meetings on 4th Fridays.  It’s the price we have to pay to get back to our music – along with the always present Rent Jar.

Hoe to see y’all soon!