Hi Everyone;  Happy April and welcome spring!  Although there’s not too much breaking news for District 9, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing going on!  We are inching closer to a full return to regular life, and with it the resumption of meetings, jams, play dates and best of all…..FiddleCamp.  When exactly we can meet is not known yet, but being moved into Phase 4 of Governor Inslee’s Healthy Roadmap program is most likely when it will start for real. Since we are in Phase 3 right now (mid-March), I’m hopeful that Phase 4 is just around the corner.
One of the first things for us will be a meeting/jam, most likely at the Lewis County Historical Museum and the next thing will be some sort of play date. I’ll be talking to our regular play date at Colonial Stillwater and see what they are going to require for their visitors and when, and perhaps the Adna Grange as well since we are way overdue to play there.
FiddleCamp is still somewhat of a question mark at this point, but the assumption is that we are going ahead with it. The dates are July 12th-16th, 2021, and the Moses Lake Christian Academy is already booked.

In the meantime, don’t slack off on lessons and practice! Our next playdate will be here before you know it, so here is a basic playdate tune list that we’ll use to kick things off:

1. Redwing G

2. Liberty D

3. Tennessee Waltz G

4. Old Joe Clark A

5. Boil the Cabbage A

6. Slewfoot (the bear song) D

7. Swallowtail Jig D

8. Turkey in the Straw G

9. Faded Love D

10. The Crawdad Song D

11. Girl I Left Behind Me G

12. Ashokan Farewell D

13. Soldiers Joy D

15. Cripple Creek A

16. You Are My Sunshine C


And here is a fun playlist for April:

Danny Boy (rock n roll version)- Conway Twitty

Charmaine-Ranger & the Rearrangers

Scarborough Fair-Simon & Garfunkel

Blue Moon of Kentucky-Elvis Presley

Mona Lisa (rock n roll version)-Carl Mann

No Hiding Place-Mollie O’Brien

Django’s Tiger-Ranger & The Rearrangers

Feast Here Tonight-Three Pickers

Fraser Valley Reel-April Verch

I Can Help-Billie Swan

In The Jailhouse Now-Soundtrack “O Brother Where Art Thou?”

Johnny B. Goode-Chuck Berry

Let Tomorrow Be-Fern Jones

The Poor People of Paris-Chet Atkins

A Robin Built a Nest on Daddy’s Grave-Ralph Stanley

Windy-The Association

Early in the Evening-Joe Pancerzewski


If you need any music in the play date list please let me know.


Be well and see you soon!  Christie Easter




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