I am a little late in getting my July post up on the website.  Been crazy busy around here the last few weeks.  With the workshop fast approaching, can’t believe it is in two weeks, I have been scrambling to finish up projects around the house and prep for the upcoming meetings.

I want to extend a Happy Fourth of July to all of the WOTFA community, and to remind everyone to be safe.

Members from District 5 had the honor of performing at the Sand & Sawdust Festival at Ocean Shores in June.  I was a great event and opportunity to educate the public about our organization.  Our event participation was organized by Dennis Schosboek and Kay McCarthy, and was a huge success.  Fifteen members from District 5 performed for 3 hours over 2 days at the event. Check out the video of Flopped Eared Mule.  Ocean Shores is located in Pacific County and was formerly a part of District 17.   District 17 folded several years ago, and this is the first of many events that WOTFA hopes to be involved in with the goal of reestablishing District 17.

Have a wonderful July.  See you in two weeks.

Bill Crabtree