WOTFA’s first Front Porch Jam was a success!

With over 30 people registered and a consensus of all participants, the online jam session works.  With the success of this first jam, WOTFA will begin hosting an online Jam session each Saturday from 4:00pm-6:00pm.  You do not need to be a member of WOTFA to participate in the jam session, although membership is highly encouraged.  All levels are encouraged to join us, there is something for everyone.  To register for the jam session, click the button above.

For those that were in the first jam, you can post a review of the jam session at this link, https://wotfa.org/jam-reviews/.

Thank you all that participated in the first jam session.  You are what made this a success!

See you on Saturday.

3 thoughts on “WOTFA Front Porch Jam

  1. A good first effort! I have some tips for the next one:

    1: See these instructions for setting up breakout rooms so that participants can move themselves around at will rather than having to ask you to move them.
    2: Consider assigning a co-host for each breakout room who will be responsible for muting anyone who’s forgotten to mute themselves when they aren’t leading a tune.
    3: Include some instructions for turning on Zoom’s music-specific features, with a warning that they should only be used by people wearing headphones. Here are some sample instructions.

    1. Thanks for the comments Josh.
      1. I know how to set up breakrooms for user selection. However, if they are using the browser instead of the Zoom Client application, they don’t have that option.
      2. It really needs to be the person’s responsibility to mute. Additional hosts may end up costing us more money. Right now we have only one host on the account. Zoom charges $14.00/month per host.
      3. I will post this on the web page.

      1. 1: Good to know; I wasn’t sure if you had found that option after the first jam or not, since it wasn’t enabled then.
        2: I’m not talking about additional paid users on your account; I’m talking about the in-meeting “make co-host” feature, which should let you add anyone, including people who are joining without having signed in, as a co-host of the meeting. When I click on a participant in the list in meetings I start, anyway, “make co-host” is an option I see. Is that not enabled on your account, somehow? See https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/206330935-Enabling-and-adding-a-co-host
        3: Cool, thanks!

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