Washington Old Time Fiddlers Association Preserving an American Tradition
Cross Tune Workshop

Learn the basics of Cross Tuning on your fiddle, tonight at 6:00 PM

Tunes will come from the U.S. and other world fiddle traditions.

  • Students must have basic playing experience.
  • No sheet music reading knowledge required.
  • Best to use a secondary fiddle to cross-tune but using main instrument is okay too.
  • Good idea to have a second set of strings on hand in case a string breaks.
  • Students should come prepared ahead of class time with instruments already cross-tuned. (Class time will not be used for tuning instruction.)
  • Video instructions will be provided, prior to class, on how to cross tune instrument.
  • Video, sound files, sheet music, and/or fiddle tab of tune, will be provided after class is finished.

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