Sigh.  The holidays are over and I am slowly putting away holiday decorations – early for me, this year!  On Jan 3 I heard the first hopeful frog in our lower pond.  And judging from the hoots a couple nights back, the owls are settling down to raise their yearly families.  Seattle had a record high of 58 degrees a few days ago.

District 16 continues to have wonderful open jams every second and fourth Fridays!  We start as soon after 5 PM as we can get the coffee on and the instruments tuned.  Join us! – Acoustic players, listeners, and dancers all welcome!

Hot off the presses – Lindella Frenzel and Sharman Smith have graciously consented to collaborate on our next workbook!  What has seemed a daunting (though worthy) task for one is now a fun and exciting project for three!  Thank you, ladies!!  My metaphorical sleeves are now rolled up.  We are READY for folks to suggest the tunes they would like to contribute to the book and recording.

If you enjoy making music with us, please also join our business meetings on third Saturdays from noon till about 5 PM, September through May.  We jam, potluck, meet (as briefly as possible) and jam again.  Consensus rules: no clashing personalities or angst.  It really doesn’t hurt a bit.

My personal feeling is that there is nothing more fun than making music with other folks.  Really: nothing.  And WOTFA is a wonderful organization – wholesome, family-oriented, fun, educational, and it keeps us off the street corners (unless we are busking.)  Well worth the effort (for most members, minimal) to reap the rewards.  Please do not just join; join in!

Keep well and happy.  Music lifts us, body and soul.

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