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Mark your calendar!  The 2018 Annual District 12 Winter Show will take place at the Columbia Valley (Pasco) Grange #938 on Saturday, Feb. 10th.  The Grange Hall is located at 6300 W. Court St (Road 64 & Court St.) in Pasco.  Doors will open at 2:00 PM for afternoon jamming and for setup of chairs and the sound system; volunteers to assist with the setup (and teardown after the Show) would be greatly appreciated.  The Grange will again offer a reasonably priced dinner for sale starting about 4:30 or 5:00.  Our Show will begin at 6:00 and you will perform in the order in which you sign up.   Members from other Districts are always welcome.   Hope to see you there!

District 12 anticipates providing youth scholarships for the 2018 Moses Lake Workshop in July.

Scholarships and attendance at the Workshop, which are for WOTFA members only, pay for tuition.

Please contact Daryl Wuennecke at (509-948-2955) or Jim Harter at jimN7ars@gmail.com if you would like your child or know of a child to be considered for a youth scholarship to the summer Workshop.

The mostly-monthly Round Table Pizza Jam for January was very successful, in part, because of attendance by District 7’s Cheryl Hall.  Cheryl  played fiddle and guitar and was accompanied by her daughter Shanna on bass.  As a special treat, Shanna’s two daughters Allie and Emma were also there to provide additional fiddle playing and singing.  While it was an otherwise modest turnout, our guests made for an evening of great fun.  We hope to see them and guests from other Districts again in the future.  For February, the Round Table Pizza Jam will take place on Friday, February 16, 2018, at the Pasco location, 3201 W Court St.

NOTE CHANGE IN PLAYDATE TIME:  Effective in February 2018, the start time for the second Wednesday playdate at the Tri-City Retirement Inn in Pasco will be changed from 6:30 to 6:00 PM.  We will play for 1 hour and end at 7:00 PM.  This is a permanent change.


1st Wed        6:00 PM     Hawthorne Court, 524 N Ely,


2nd Wed       *6:00 PM    Tri-City Retirement Inn, 2000

Road 22, Pasco*

3rd Wed        6:30 PM      Richland Rehab, 1745 Pike

Ave, Richland

4th Wed       6:30 PM      Brookdale, 1629 George

Washington Way, Richland

5th Wed       6:30 PM     Guardian Angel,

245 Van Giesen, Richland

1st Fri           2:00 PM     Callaway Gardens, 5505 W

Skagit Ct, Kennewick

3:30 PM     Royal Columbian, 5615 W

Umatilla, Kennewick

*  Note new start time of 6:00 PM effective February 2018


Mon.  Feb.          10:30 AM

Mon.  Feb. 12    10”30 AM   (Yes 2 weeks in a row!)

This is a change from the previously

scheduled and announced Feb. 19th playdate. They will be closed that day for President’s Day

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