District 10

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District 10 is currently organizing new meeting and jam space due the grange hall being abruptly sold.

District 10 is excited to have new members who are helping to breathe life into this organization.

With the sale of the grange hall at which jams and meetings have been held for many years, we’ve had to make a few changes as to location and dates for our meetings and jams.

After many years of volunteering, our play out coordinator Chlovena Byrd is stepping down. Thank you Chlovena for your service! These duties are now passed on to Paul Deming. Thank you Paul for stepping up. We expect to carry on as before so please contact Paul at prdeming@gmail.com  to touch base about upcoming playouts.

The Washington State Fiddle Championships will be held again at the Clark County Fair Aug 4-5th. Online registration will be available.

Please visit http://wotfafiddlechampionship.wotfa.org/ to keep up on details as they unfold. Also visit us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Washingtonstatefiddlechampionships/. We are working on the huge task of raising funds for the contest! Districts planning to support the contest please contact Denice Carter at Fidlmom1@gmail.com or 303-859-4268. We need your support:). Once again, thank you to all the districts that supported us last year! We couldn’t do it without your help.

Open jams are still being organized as we are still looking for a new location due to the grange hall being sold. Location and dates to be announced.

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