Summer Fiddling

07/01/2018 It is hard to believe that it is already July.  The workshop is coming up fast, and soon we will all be gathering in Moses Lake for another week of jamming, learning, and meeting up with...

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Early Bluegrass in Western Washington and the Pacific Northwest

04/06/2018 A personal account by Phil Williams Monroe, Scruggs, 1930s & ‘40s The following is what I know from my own experience about bluegrass coming to Western Washington and parts of the...

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03/27/2018 One of the best and most pleasurable ways of improving your playing is to participate in jam sessions. This is not necessarily as simple as walking up to other musicians and playing along...

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The Circle of Fifths

02/24/2018 Here’s a little bit of basic music theory that’s useful to know for any ensemble playing. If you start with the C scale, and go up to the 5th note, you end up on G. If you go up...

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Tendinitis Problems of Musicians – Identification, Prevention, Treatment

01/15/2018 By Phil & Vivian Williams Posted by permission WHAT IS tendonitis? Tendonitis is a problem always lurking around the corner for string musicians. It can strike when you least expect it....

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