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With the holidays behind us, we can now look ahead to the end of winter and all the spring and summer activities.  It was decided at our November 2017 meeting that we would not have a meeting in February so that folks could attend the Oly Oldtime Festival being held that same weekend.  For more information, visit their website at www.olyoldtime.weebly.com.

We will resume our normal schedule in March, at which time those youth who desire a scholarship to the annual Workshop in Moses Lake should plan to attend and make their requests known.  This is an important meeting because those members, especially in Kitsap County, don’t really know who they are supporting with our scholarships, and they would like to meet them and hear from them in person.  So, this is a heads up – please plan to be at the meeting on March 17th if you are wanting/needing a scholarship.

As usual, the tune learning session will begin at 11:00 (Kay will teach this month), followed by the meeting and finger food potluck at noon.  Jamming ensues until 2:30. All are welcome, so if you find yourself in the area on the 3rd Saturday of the month, stop by and join us!


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